Mar 16, 2008

TSC Photo Contest

Most people, it seems, are unaware that March is Women's History Month. Each year, International Women's Day takes place on March 8. This is a day in which we celebrate women and recognize muliebral contributions throughout the world in terms contributions made politically, economically, socially, etc.

As part of this celebration, my school is currently hosting an art gallery which showcases the work of Phil Borges, who has traveled globally in an attempt to document the accomplishments of innovative women--especially those who make an impression in spite of fierce oppression.

He has quite a collection of inspiring art on his website:

So as we celebrate women during this month, my school is also hosting a photography contest. Students who wish to participate are asked to submit up to 3 photos, with a brief description of each photo. I'm posting some of my stuff that has made the short list. I didn't have much time to get too creative. but here is some of what I came up with (in no particular order).

This was taken a few months ago at my parents' house in Cedar City, UT. Livia isn't exactly the epitome of the underdog beating all odds and making a lasting contribution to society that will never be lost or adulterated... But she has had her battles, especially in her decisions to be baptized, go on a mission, and get married in the temple. I think the mark that Livia has made is captured in this picture, namely an infectious smile and the ability to charm anyone in the world. She's like a variegated sunbeam amid a studio full of Ansel Adams. (That said, I should mention that I removed most of the saturation from this picture, and hence the absence of vivid color...)

This is Livia's cousin, Gisele. I'm not going to include the full write up that I gave this picture, but she gave up her opportunities for formal education when her family lost their small business. In order to help make ends meet, she began working full time, and eventually moved to Japan and took a position in a factory. She regularly works 16 hours a day alongside her husband in Japan in order to help support not only her own immediate family, but also her aging parents in Brazil. The above photo was taken moments after giving birth to her second child.

Read the caption for the first picture, and replace Livia's name with "Leticia". Leticia is just like her sister in all the best ways. Leticia makes everyone that surrounds her a little bit happier. Scratch that--she makes everyone exponentially happier.

This is the picture of Livia that I actually submitted for the photography contest. Artistically, I tried to use the expressive changes in contrast to add drama and tension to the moment. My goal was to catch an individual in turmoil. That person is alone in a cold world of partiality and injustice. There is no photographer in the room with her; the only company she has is the reluctant beating of her own heart.

blah blah.. in reality I had my camera when I noticed that the sun was coming through the curtains rather dramatically. I told Livia "why don't you grab that blanket and look out the window because the sun is coming through the curtains rather dramatically and I will then take a picture of you as you stare out the window. Try to look sad."

Thanks to all my lovely models for making the photo shoots so easy!

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