Apr 3, 2008

Field Museum adventure!

This week we got passes from the library that allowed us free admission to the Field Museum of Natural History. And of course we brought along our camera--so join us on a pictorial tour of the day...

We start out on the train...

The exhibit that we'll walk you through is called "Evolving Planet"

The first section was mildly uneventful, as it walked us through amoebas, single and multi-celled organisms, yawn, etc. When we get to the lizards, then the camera comes out...

Last week we blogged a Komodo dragon that we saw at the aquarium. He would have been cooler if he were one of these guys.

Then we get into the triassic and jurassic eras. I'm glad some of these guys are no longer around.

Like some people I knew in High School, this guy had a very small brain : body ratio

Livia loves large animals. She believes that she had a part in the creation of whales and dinosaurs during the "fifth" day

Another prehistoric bully

For a herbivore, the triceratops was quite a formidable presence...

As we venture toward the world of mammals...
I don't even know what these guys are, but they're definitely taller than Livia

The guy to the right of me is one of the largest deers that has been found

And the elephants...

This Tyrannosaurus is called Sue, and she is the largest and most complete T-Rex ever found.

Aztecan Sun Stone

This was not only used as a calendar, but also has a history of the universe(s), as depicted by Aztecan beliefs.

The weird New Zealand-looking tongue guy in the middle is our sun. The four boxes around him represent past suns, or universes. According to tradition, we are currently in the fifth universe, and four other universes have come and gone.

The animals around the circle are snakes, monkeys, lizards, and such. They represent the months in the year.

So we saw other cool things, like histories of civilizations in the Americas (where we saw the sun stone). It was definitely a much bigger museum than I had expected. We'll look forward to taking Livia's sister, Babychan, over there when she visits in a couple of months.

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