May 27, 2008

Sean and Livia meet Philly

This month we had the chance to head over to our neighbors in Pennsylvania. Since we were lodging in Swarthmore, we had the opportunity to take the train over to Philadelphia, and spend the day in old Ben Franklin's stompin' grounds. Our day was documented photographically below:

Here is one of the many murals that dot the buildings. I believe the mural project is part of an initiative to help clean up the streets and give purpose to adolescent pastime, as well as beautify the buildings of the city.

Livia at Chinatown

We happened to observe congress in session. I hope the flash wasn't too distracting...

Here are some of Ben's inventions. The first one is...I don't know what. The second buy there is an organ that is made of glass bowls, and is played with wet fingers. The bowls spin slowly like a rotisserie, and the sound is much like rubbing the rim of a crystal goblet with a moist fingertip.

Here is Livia conversing with the "cotton lady". Although she was not spinning cotton, but some sort of poly-blend. I guess spinning cotton is quite onerous.

We had the chance to have our picture taken with a struggling mother of a new born baby. There were lots of people around, so we only got one chance. Unfortunately, we caught the liberty bell in the background, but there is nothing that we could have done about that.

And then there's Independence Hall

We went out of our way on foot to make it to Elfreth's Alley, which is the oldest street in America. It's very small and well-kept. Livia says that it's such an adorable street.

It is easy to feel big when the houses are so small.

So Philly is known for being the home of Ben and Rocky, and for its historical presence in the establishment of the union. It's also known for its Philly cheese steak sandwiches. That's just a must! So it's a good thing that I did that during my last trip. For lunch, we went to a nice Cuban restaurant. The picture above are of the inside of the restaurant. We were not disappointed!

I can't exactly remember what I had, but I know that it was fantastic. Those chips are actually something like fried yucca and plantain.

And the tres leches! The three milk used were all banana-flavored milks. Again, not too disappointing.

Here I am walking out of the Franklin house, as I read the colloquial tribune.

To the left is a palatial-esque Macy's, and to the right is where the hard rockers establish their presences.

And to reference Rocky a second time, there are the steps that gave the boxer his second wind.

Here we are in LOVE park (actually called JFK Plaza).

Across the street is the old City Hall

The town has an interesting feel. It seems like the ultimate conglomeration of the historically old, balanced with the contemporary dawn of a newer age.

And after another train ride, we find ourselves back in beautiful Swarthmore. This photo, taken at the train station, includes the landscape of Swarthmore College. Good times.

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