Aug 30, 2008

Sarah and Brandon -- A Day on the Town

Sarah and Brandon came to visit us in Gotham City last week. Livia and I took turns showing them the town and the sites. Unfortunately there were only a couple of days when both of us we off of work at the same time, but between the two of us we were able to wear the siblings down. Documented below is one of the days when I took Sarah and Brandon down to Wrigleyville, Lincoln Park Zoo, downtown Chicago, etc. We eventually met up with Livia when she finished with work, and then we went shopping and finally dropped Sarah and Brandon off at the Briar Street Theater so that they could see the Blue Man Group (a support group for clinically depressed men).

First off is a trip to Wrigley Field on game day. This stop was rather impromptu. As we were on the bus heading towards the zoo, I asked if they would like to walk around Wrigley Field. I didn't know that it was game day until we got there and saw the carnival-like ambience. There were guys selling peanuts, booths for jerseys and hats, "come play our game and win!", "get your balloons!", "fresh fish! we got fresh fish! and pistachios! don't forget your pistachios!"

The Cubs dixie band was entertaining. They are very good, but under-appreciated. We talked to the guy who plays the box trumpet, and his goal is to save up enough money that he will be able to afford the other shoe.

So the Lincoln Park Zoo is a free establishment. Our friends were riding their bikes one day and all of a sudden there were like zebras and caged animals around them. It's an open zoo that's right in Lincoln Park. This shot is at one of the entrances. In the background is a misty shot of the Hancock Building. The day was overcast with on and off sprinkling.

Here we are up close and personal with nothing seperating us from an OCD bear but a pane of glass. The bear had a routine of pacing back and forth all day long. In the Ender's Game series he would be labeled as a "godspoken" bear, and would be venerated as above average. My only hopes are that he's not pacing back and forth as he plots his escape (and/or vengence).

Another godspoken bear--this one swam in circles. Though a little distrubing, it does allow for plenty of opportunities to take some good snapshots.

Those meercats just seem a little bit too content and well-fed. There is a smugness that just seems peculiar about the one... I think I will call him Frankie and give him a Boston accent.

Sarah just got off of a strict no-refined-sugar diet. She allowed herself to eat natural sugars found in fruits and vegetables, but avoided processed and refined sugars. We tried to tempt her with a 5 lb. Hershey bar, but her will is strong!

I'll bet that the batmobile could drive right through that building...

The lego store has an interesting conglomeration of imagination, inegnuity, too much free time, and a lego guy sitting on a bench with a bird in his hair who laid an egg on his blue suit.

This larger-than-life lego vader makes me think of just one question: What does Brandon have behind his back that is so important that he feels that he has to hide it from the camera?

The spreading of rumors...
That's how wars are started!!!

So anyway, we were very happy that Sarah and Brandon were able to take time off from their jobs and visit us. It really was a great time, and we had non-stop fun. I was sad when I dropped them off at the airport--especially when I realized that I lost my xbox buddy.
*insert single tear*

One final thought:

So our good Chicago friends, David and Kimi, extended the ever-present promise "oh, and if you ever want to visit Chicago, then give us a call. We'd love to have you!" They were taken up on that offer and are currently extending their couch to a friend. The problem is that this friend bought a one-way ticket, and has no intention on leaving for another month! I guess that must be a pretty comfortable couch.

Wendy jokingly suggested "well since she's staying for a month, that's enough time for her to get a job!" She is now hosting tables at a pizza joint. Eventually I think she'll move on to Boston, but who knows when?!

So we now have a rule for house guests. We'd love to have anyone over who would like to visit. However, this will now be contingent upon showing us proof of a valid return ticket home. We will be confirming the itinerary with the airline company.

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