Nov 4, 2008

Organizational Leadership assignment

So the following post is an assignment that I completed for my Organizational Leadership class. I am studying here in Chicago during an unprecedented campaign between two incredibly competent and viable candidates for one of the highest-profiled leadership positions in the known universe. The scope of the assignment is to assess both the psychological, as well as the leadership components of the candidates.

From a psychological perspective, I am able to focus on dominant traits and personality characteristics (cognitive ability, emotional intelligence, big 5 personality traits, etc.). As a leader, I look at his power base and influencing tactics, and his ideology as a leader. External environmental factors are also at play when we look at follower development and commitment, and the current national and global conditions that have impacted the dynamics of the candidate platforms during their campaigning.

Anyway, on the night of the presidential election, I join the millions of Americans in celebration of our new president elect. And I present to everyone my profile of B-Rock.

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