Dec 11, 2008

Posting from the train...

So I downloaded an app the other week that allows me to update my blog from my phone. I don't really want to be one of "those" people who complain about sore thumbs because they are constantly texting and sending emails from their little phones. But I figures that I'll give this a try. This is the free app, and for a few bucks I would be able to post photos as well. But I typically like to run my pics through photoshop before I present them to the world.

So my thought is that this whole blogging/mobile Internet/look at all the things my phone can do.. All this is novel and cutting edge for us now. What will our kids think? They will me ashamed that I am so impressed that I can blog whilst on the train coming home from school. I will shame them with this blog.

I was just going over my material for the final in my selection and job analysis class. I needed to look up an assessment (the CCAI), so I went online and dug around. I vaguely remember when there wasn't am online. What then?! How would I have done my research on this assessment tool? Where would I look? Would I need to to to the library or look in the phonebook? Would I call the information hotline for guidance? I recognize how unreliable wikipedia can be and it's important to be skeptical and information published online. But thank goodness for technology! Our kids are going to grow up assuming that things like the Internet and smartphones have always been around.

But then again, when was the last time you contemplated how life would have been different without indoor plumming?

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