Mar 14, 2009

Retro Livia

Hey all, just a quick post. The life of a grad student involved intense studying and a whole lot of writing. Sometimes it is tempting to spend unhealthy amounts of time arduously engaged in one task (studying). But it is healthy to take a mental hiatus every couple of hours or so in order to give our brain muscles some rest. Long story short and as many of you already know, my hiatal moments consist of messing around in photoshop. So here is my project for this week:

I threw this picture together so that people will be able to remember Livia as the wild party girl that she used to be. As we are entering that stage of our lives that represents responsibility, dedication and commitment to our progeny, changing diapers and pulling the car around if you kids don't stop touching each other when we told to quit bugging your sister you KNOW that upsets her why do you keep doing it that's it maybe we will just skip going to the park today and you can clean your rooms like we've been asking you all week to do DON'T give me that look mister...

Yup. Gone are the days of clubbing and afros. And come is my moment to get back to studying.

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