Apr 1, 2009

What my Daddy means to me…essays

Last year I helped read essays that were written by kids within the school districts of Illinois (k-12).  I volunteered again this year and read a folder full of kindergartener essays.  The topic if fatherhood and what my father means to me.  The most common theme was something along the lines of:

I love my father because he plays videogames with me.

I don’t know how many times I read that, but it was definitely pervasive throughout the many essays.  True to my form, I kept a notepad next to me as I read the essays and just like last year, I will now post the honorable mentions here:

I like baba [chinese for father] because I love him.

What my daddy means to me is he is the best at video games.

My daddy sings pretty well and I think it’s funny.

He let me drink his coffee when we eat at Denny’s.

When I become an adult, I want to be a wrestling coach just like him.

There are a lot of words that I could use but nothing can explain what my father means to me because he means everything to me.

I love my father the way he is.  He is smart.

He buys me cool clothes.

When we go outside he say funny thing and make funny noise that make me cracking up.

My daddy just brought me some clothes to go on back and the shoes I got on my feet right now he bought them.

I love my daddy because he makes me brownies.

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