Jun 1, 2009

Stolen iPhone

Well, this post won't be so much fun for all of you. But I need a way to put up some information in a way that google might pick it up on it.

My iPhone 3g was stolen at O'Hare Airport on May 21, 2009 at 3:05pm at security checkpoint 9. I was flying Delta, and the perp was behind me in the xray line. I believe that he was also flying Delta, but on an earlier flight. The security people were giving Delta passengers preference through the security check-out, and I got in the quicker line, even though I was more than an hour early for my flight.

Once I realized that someone took the iPhone (which was a matter of about 2 minutes), I notified TSA and filed a report with them. It took 50 minutes for CPD to arrive, and by then TSA had located the act on film and printed out pictures of the perp taking my phone from the tray. At this point, the case is in the hands of a detective.

The following information can be used to identify my iPhone:

IMEI: 011614009947727
S/N: 86831s5cy7k

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telerikrad said...

You need to post the pictures of this guy!!! Two seconds on Digg and he'll be found.