Mar 4, 2013

Lily's first birthday

Let's just get right to this.  It's circa summer of 2010 and Lily is turning a year old.  We gots to celebrate, and it has to be done right.  There is essentially only one option: going disco!  At that point we were going to a regular play group each week with a dozen or two other dancing queens and princes (I don't think they make dancing kings these days, but if there is one thing that prince harry has taught us it's that a prince knows how to boogie).  So anyway, we hijacked play group that week for our own selfish celebratory purposes.  Enough narrative, let's get down to pictures:

The kids got dancing lessons...

...and the adults jumped in

Lily's birthday cake was a disco ball made with metallic fondant mirrors

The afro dude, mirror ball, and disco diva cupcakes were a hit

Lily and her custom lady leisure suit with hey groovy Mama

Ready to dig in!

A few of the attendees

Lily definitely enjoyed her day!

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