Mar 24, 2008

Easter Birthday Sunday

So it turns out that our friend, Sarah, allowed Easter to fall on her birthday this year. As a token of our gratitude for her generosity, a bunch of us headed over to her place to hang out.

So now we'll present some random photos of some good-looking people who have nothing better to do than hang out and be good looking with each other

Livia with the birthday girl
Our present to Sarah was a homemade custom designer purse. Other buzzwords that should be associated with the purse include: fashionable, trendy, vogue, modish, chic...monomaniacal?...

Livia and I made a multi-layered chocolate cream cheese cake before church.
Livia is starting to teach herself about cake decorating. This was her first project.

We're all excited about the imminence of cake consumption

I'll tell you who wasn't too pleased about all the people...

Pika would come out from under the bed, hiss at us, and return to her under-bed post (she's a little shy and didn't want to share Sarah's attention with a bunch of above-average-looking people )

Attendees included David, me, Wendy, Livia, Sarah, Francis, Kimi (taking the picture), and Pika with the occasional disgruntled appearance.

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