Mar 22, 2008

Shedd Aquarium

This week, we went to the Shedd aquarium. It's located just outside of the busy downtown area, on a peninsula that juts out to lake Michigan. It shares this peninsula with the Adler Planetarium and the Field Museum, making this a pretty fun place to visit.

Livia was so excited to be going that she skipped over to the entrance

I was so excited that I mimicked a statue of a guy

The entrance has a pretty nice view of downtown

From the entrance, you can see Navy Pier, Grant Park, and
Downtown, including the Sears and Hancock towers
(this was a poor photoshop job to combine three different pictures, but oh well)

Livia got a little bit flirtatious with some of the more attractive animals
(notice that his eyeball is actually below his mouth)

This guy was trying to tell us something. I thought I heard
something about Budweiser

This guy just hung around and inspected us

The ad at the train stations reads:
"If you think she's angry now, just mention her beard!"

One of the star attractions, the giant Komodo Dragon.
He did absolutely nothing...
not even the tongue thing.

One of my favorites as a kid was the penguin exhibit.

And of course the dolphins are the big deal of the aquarium.
The trainers explained facts about dolphins, while debunking the myths
(wild animals don't tend to save human beings from drowning)

Honorable mentions of the aquarium include:
Beluga whales (quite friendly)
Sea Otters
not the catfish (weird looking critters)
some sharks
a piranha

*even though they're know to jump out of the water and hit people in boats, causing death and other mortal wounds. For recent coverage, read this or watch this

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