Mar 10, 2008

An Evening with Taylor

Today Brynn and Zach carpooled with us over to Taylor's apartment for dinner. Taylor, in addition to being in Brynn and my cohort in the doctoral program, is an amazing chef and connoisseur of finer culinary arts.

getting ready the ingredients

Taylor prepared a wonderful Italian menu for us, and explained the traditions, customs, and general history associated with Italian cuisine. She also shared some pretty handy tips and tricks of the kitchen along the way.

Brynn and Taylor blanched the tomatoes

Tonight's menu consisted of:

Pasta Amatriciana

Fresh pasta with a somewhat spicy marinara-style sauce with Pancetta bacon.


Mesclun with anise, tomato, and arrugola

Pasta Fagiole

A bean soup pasta and white beans.

A great fresh loaf of Ciabatta

The Italian Salami is coated in mold to help preserve the flavor

Sean was the Entremetier, in charge of making the pasta from scratch

As the Entremetier's assistant, Zach made the marinara (also from scratch)

*no caption could properly describe this picture*

Livia helped to purée the beans for the soup

Brynn was very excited about the good food (as were we all)!

Ladies of the kitchen

The final product was nothing short of elegant and amazing. The place settings were immaculate and the food was fresh and authentic--enough to make an Italian proud of his heritage.

All in all, from food preparation, cooking, and dining, to clean-up and socialization, we spent about 6 hours enjoying the evening. Italian food is very good, but it's not quick, and it leaves quite a wake in the kitchen when all is said and done.

Livia and I brought our guitar and some random percussion instruments, and we were all able to introduce Taylor to the style of Jack Johnson. We all enjoyed the evening, as it was a chance to enjoy good food and fine company. As Taylor put it, it's nice to have some sophistication every once in a while. More than that, it was a good chance for us all to forget about work/school/overwhelming obligations for a moment.

Thanks Taylor!

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