Mar 8, 2008

Livia Warhol

A few months ago I was experimenting with photoshop, and began creating a popart piece using a picture of Livia that I took a few years ago after our steel band practice. I'm not the biggest fan of Andy Warhol, but I can appreciate the contribution that the popart genre has provided to contemporary art. Here's a copy of the piece that I made.

I also made a picture of my late great-grandmother. Here is a picture that is floating around the family:

...and the transformation...

I used two different techniques on these pieces, and I think the differences are noticeable. The Grandma May piece is more true to the original Warhol techniques. Photos these days are manipulated digitally instead of with the traditional paints and sponges, etc. I happen to like the technique used for Livia's piece better

A couple of other pieces I made include some work I did as Christmas presents for my siblings Amanda and Andy.

Andy Nufer

BYU logo

Livia and I have been saving our money to be able to print and frame her popart. By saving money, I mean whenever we noticed that we happened to have some money to spare to print it out, we did. That happened a couple of days ago.

So this was actually framed by Livia. The print is actually just a cheap kinkos job, so one day we'll take this apart and get a nice quality print in that frame. For now it will do.

Since Livia works at a custom framing department, she was able to get a frame for a very cheap price. The customer didn't like the frame, or something, so instead of throwing away the frame (valued at several hundred dollars), the framing department sold it to Livia for $5. So last night was our big debut.

It really doesn't fit in our living room, which is furnished in mostly bucolic reds, browns, and green--with a Japanesque flare. But we'll be moving sometime soon, and we'll find a wall to hang this at our next place and build around it.

Livia has also been flexing her creating muscle. The purse that she is sporting as she poses by the picture up there (she was chatting with her sister and didn't want to put the phone down for the photo) was conceptualized, designed, and construct by none other.

She has turned the house into a sewer's paradise. She's currently working on about a dozen quilts, making dance costumes, sewing purses, creating pillows and pillowcases, and teaching regular sewing and craft classes. I'm not even going into the scrapbook endeavors... I think she plans to post some of her work here, so stay tuned.

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Harold and Marian said...

I'm glad you're keeping busy in a very creative way! Keep it up. Love, Grandma N.