Apr 12, 2008

Dr Makeup

Okay, so right now it's Saturday, I'm in my pajamas, haven't showered, I don't even have my contacts in yet. That's fine and good, right? How about if I mention that it's almost 3pm and the only things that I've accomplished are eating and schoolwork? That's a pretty sad way for someone to spend a Saturday, but I guess that's the life of a grad student.

As part of a project for my Consulting Skills class, I designed/modified a student engagement survey for first year master's/doctorate students in my program. I administered my surveys throughout this last week, and it all came down to the onerous task of entering in the data. Each survey had just less than 100 individual questions, and I collected dozens of surveys... The neurons and synapses in my brain hurt a lot right now.

Right now I'm going to take a break and introduce my blog to the nefarious...

"Dr. Makeup!"

So Livia and I were shooting the breeze one day in the Martins' front room, when in enters Tina (Dr. Makeup) Martins.

Dr. Makeup came in and whipped out her metallic cosmetics and beautification portmanteau. Much to the distress of Sean, she approaches and begins the decoration process...

Dr. Makeup fiendishly revels in tormenting her patient

Sean does not enjoy this predicament, but rather accepts the things in life that he cannot control. It is important to realize the existence of external locusts of control and not let them get you down.

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