May 2, 2008

The Museum of Contemporary Art

So I'm back from my repose. I've been a little bit too lazy to write in my blog lately, what with work, school, one billion presentations to make, and finals week. I've been so busy that one time I forgot to take my contacts out. I woke up with perfect vision and thought that a miracle had taken place--not on account of my righteousness, but rather one account that I've been so busy and stressed that maybe I was incurring divine pathos or something.

So anyway, we decided to a break one day and head over to the Museum of Contemporary Art. If you're a big fan or art, then there's a chance that you may or may not like some of the things that are on display at the MCA.

So let's begin with the narrative of our day:

Here's Livia getting herself pretty for the day. That's what she calls it anyway. I call it trying to make herself even more pretty than she already is. She doesn't need all that face paint!

And we're waiting for the train

We get bored waiting, so sometimes we look at our feet

The moment we get on the train is the moment that we're no longer waiting for the train

Here's an old-looking firestation!

A first glimpse of some interesting "contemporary" statues

And we made it to the museum of interesting stuff! As there is no photography allowed inside, this is where we experience a hiatus in the sequential progression of the day...

On the way back from the MCA, we notice that there is a Hershey's store on the corner. You'll never guess what the view is like from the entrance of the Hershey's store...

Yep, that's a Ghiradelli. It's like 1820 in Palmyra, NY. Only, instead of protestant churches on every corner, we are now experiencing an unfolding of chocolate retail entities that are bidding for the business of pedestrians.

Inside the Hershey's store is dreadfulness that far surpasses anything that the avant-guard art students would dream of throwing at you...

For example, a candy bar that weighs in at 5lbs. This thing measures like from my waist to my shoulders.

If that's not enough, try some chocolate syrup that's weighed by the kilo. These bottles are actually bigger than most newborn babies.

And then there's a castle in downtown Chicago. Go figure. So that was more or less our day. It was a bit cold that day (especially considering that it was a month into spring already), but at least I wasn't studying. As Gerrison Keiller says, "we just figure that it could be worse, and it probably will get worse, so we're all just bracing ourselves for that moment..."

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