May 9, 2008

Larson family gathering

This last week Livia and I took a break from everything and flew in to Philadelphia to visit Don and Sue Larson. Livia lived with the Larson's for a year while she attended a private catholic school as an exchange student.

On the day we flew in, Don and Sue's kids and grandchildren came to visit. During this visit memories were relived, recent accomplishments were shared, laughter was heard, jubilance was felt, tender embraces were given, and tears of joy were shed. I would also add that crazy habanero sauce burned through stomach linings, while skateboarding crazies performed ollies over trusting siblings' heads and did backflips from the deck stairs. All during the peaceful halcyon calm of a Sunday afternoon during the springtime in Swarthmore, PA.

Here is a photo documentation of the day:

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