Jan 5, 2009

Christmas in Cedar City

Another year and another Christmas. We were lucky enough to be able to travel to Ceday City this year and spend the holidays with family. This was by far the very best Christmas of the year. And now for the walkthrough...

A common theme of the trip was sewing. Sarah made a quilt, Mom and Livia sewed pajama bottoms for everyone, as well as sewed a costume for Rachel, etc.

Instead of having a fresh Christmas tree, the parents donated the tree money to a charity. As a substitute, we had four fake trees of various sizes. We called it the Christmas forest. That's one tradition that is very costly. We pay for a tree, we pay to decorate it, and then we pay to recycle it.

The stockings were too laden to be hung this year, so they "conglomerated" 'round the chimney with care.

I'm thinking that Andy could fit both of his feet into one of those stockings...

Andy and Amanda discuss stuff and things in the corner

The biggest present was Sarah's new airhockey table. This was definitely a hit throughout the week. As soon as the table would turn on, people would convene (with sparks of determination aglow in their eyes). This same phenomenon occurs as people open cans of cat food and cats seem to materialize from nothing.

The booty

Sarah and Brandon sit ripe with anticipation...

...as do Amanda and Andy

Amanda devilishly sprouted horns from her forehead...

Livia, 小さい女生徒は興奮する
:) hahaha :)

Brandon got a sweet Wusthof knife and cutting board. I asked if I could borrow it sometime, and the following picture ensued.

Mom made all the girls pretty aprons. She used a basic pattern, but the designs are all original. Very cute, etc.

And they are reversible, appropriate for those bi-polar days when you're not content with the status quo.

I guess the joke is something along the lines of when the Lion King first begins, the verses include African chants that repeat: "pink pajamas, penguins on the bottom"

The aftermath

The air hockey table is such that there are between 2-6 goals to defend. We played both in teams and 1 vs 1 vs 1 vs 1 vs 1 vs 1. It was madness at all times. Pucks constantly flew off the table at breaktooth speeds. We eventually began wearing helmets and other protective gear. It was brutal. Sarah and Brandon made us sign notarized waivers of responsibility in order to repudiate any litigation claiming damages.

Another theme of the season was boardgames. We played them all!

This was a shot that I snapped one morning before anyone else was up. The view is looking out the window over the back yard during sunrise. As I gazed over the crisp landscape of a yule-like scene, I couldn't help but marvel at the grandiose presence of wintertide at its full. Also, I was glad to be indoors.

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