Jan 6, 2009

Post-Christmas festivities

Not to be forgotten during the holiday season are those people whose birthdays lie between the Christmas and New Year's day. Here is Rachael on her birthday.

To celebrate Rachael's birthday, the Tom and Brynn Nufer family migrated down to Cedar City, with the Nufer grandparents right on their heels.

One of the biggest surprises for Livia and me was that little Baby Grace was full of life and expression. At one point I found her talking to nobody at all, while holding a toy to the side of her head. I asked her about it and she explained that she was preparing herself for the teenybopper years when she will have her own cell phone and unlimited minutes. (This also explained why she was frantically pushing buttons on the TV remote, even when the TV was not turned on--preparation for the massive texting that she is anticipating)

Grandpa Nufer has gone digital and actively snapped pictures throughout the evening. And here am I snapping behind his back...

One of the games played was musical chairs. Tommy, the good big brother, remembered whose birthday it was. Though Rachael would have indubitably dominated even if it wasn't her special day.

Baby Grace loved the air hockey table, even when it wasn't turned on. Also admire the bling on her right hand. With that 30 carat rock, she's already turning out to be somewhat high-maintenance.

The main difference between Tom's and my approaches to candid photography is that he makes it look good

Up close and personal with the birthday girl!

The good thing about being the birthday girls is that your older siblings act as secret service. Katherine vigilantly watches over the the present-opening ceremony, while Tommy (in the background) represents the hood. He's got her back.

Meanwhile Sean strikes a mean pose for the camera. That pose really should not have been caught on camera since it's not nearly ready enough for public viewing. He will definitely need to work on it. Perhaps it will be called "magnolia steel".

By the end of the week, that was just a lot of partying. Even the pets got worn out with all the fun and excitement.

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