Jan 7, 2009

Sledding in the back yard

Okay, so we didn't do sledding in the backyard; it was actually in the front yard on the big hill. And the term "sledding" is being used very loosely, as we had one inner tube and a few boogie boards. Ingenuity is often a result of a lack of resources. It turns out that the boards actually slide rather well.

The day started out with Sarah, Brandon, and me.

Sarah stuck to the bunny hill on the inner tube. She may be the smarter member of our group, as she experienced no bodily injuries. But if you don't get hurt, then it's no fun, right?


Andy eventually joined us.

We brought one of the ATV's out. My bright idea was that we could sled down the hill, and then a designated driver would tow us up the hill so that we wouldn't get so tired walking up the slope.

Andy had the mission of creating a trail for the ATV. Unfortunately, the snow was thick and powdery, and he got the thing stuck. Unbeknownst to him, I mocked him tacitly.

Only moments later I veered off-trail and got it stuck myself.

Sticking to the beaten path!

I will work on getting some videos posted shortly

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