Jan 8, 2009

Sledding videos

Just a fair warning to everyone. For some reason, these videos are very big files. I would attempt to watch these with a decently-fast internet connection. Also, as you scroll down the page, the music may turn on (the music player is on the right side of the page). Just pause it and you'll be good to go.

Andy and Brandon racing down the slopes! Andy just about slams into a large pile of rocks and chunks of asphalt, whilst Brandon coasts to victory.

Next up is Sean and Andy. Unseen is a moment when Andy tries to cheat by grabbing Sean's board and holding him back. This forces Andy to veer off-path into a large tree. Sean finishes while slamming into some large sage bush.

So here is the grand finale of all races. Unfortunately, though the boogie boards are very fast on the slopes, the rider can usually feel every bump. It's a rattling experience. Also unfortunately for Andy, the tube just isn't race material. And of course Sean finds his favorite bush...

Eventually we started pulling each other with the ATV. The next day we went out and began construction of a jump, so as to clear like 3' of sweet air.

Perhaps the best video of all...

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