Jan 9, 2009

Livia's ultrasound

Hey all!

So this week marks our 12th week of pregnancy. This week is also important because we had our first doctor's visit. It was pretty exciting to be able to consult with the physician and ask all kinds of questions. Anyway, without saying anything more, here is the ultrasound:

(click to enlarge)

What is amazing is that the little baby was moving around so much! It was so active in there, that it looked like it was trying to do pushups and crunches at the same time! There were actually better images on the screen than these ones, but the doctor couldn't take them before the baby would move out of the screenshot. All the movement made it very hard for the doctor to get a heartbeat. I think eventually she gave up and said that she'll get it next time. I do hope that the kid doesn't have ADHD when he comes out. (note: psychologists no longer call it ADHD; it's just ADD now)

So as you can see from the above picture, our baby is currently in the ET stage of gestation. That's the Extra-terrestrial stage, because he looks like a little alien in there. Right now the length of the curled-up body just over 50mm, or about 2". The baby spends most of the day cowering in a fetal position. We will have to work with him on that when he gets out, as that can be perceived as weak and vulnerable in the real world. He needs to be strong if he is going to be a hockey player. And you need excellent posture to be a musician--which be will be, of course.

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