Jan 10, 2009

The Wintry Day...

So Chicago got a very light dusting today. We spent nearly the whole day indoors today. We watched a movie, looked at many YouTube videos, paid some bills online, considered doing actual chores, etc. It was a very serene and restful day. We had all the curtains open and could see blistering winds and masses of horizontal snowfalls the entire day long. I kept mentioning to Livia about how glad I was to be indoors. I love being all cozy and under a down comforter on a stormy day. Unfortunately, being the husband of a pregnant woman, the lot eventually fell upon me to make a grocery run to the store. I gritted my teeth and headed out.

One perk to renting is that the sidewalks are taken care of for us. This is a picture of our front yard.

Our backyard was also piled high with snow...

...but not as high as our neighbors snowbank. We have a lot more yard that is available to put the snow, since none of us keep our cars in the backyard.

When I got to the actual driveway area, I realized that my running shoes were not going to cut it. I promptly went upstairs to put on my winter boots (and grab the camera).

Our downstairs neighbors have one of those boxy mini SUV's. Despite its unattractive aesthetics, the snow is unable to accumulate on the windows, as they are almost completely vertical. Our car, on the other hand, seems to beg the falling snow to accumulate on it.

The good thing is since the snow was so powdery and fresh, a good slam of the door was enough to clear the snow on the sides of the car. The trunk and hood proved to be plenty more onerous.

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