Jan 14, 2009

Dollar menus

So this is just a quick thought that I had, and I want to put of out for the world to consider. Growing up in the 90's, I frequented fast food joints and ordered regularly from their dollar menus. Burger King, McD's, Carl Jr, taco bell... They all had the special priced items for cheapskates like me.

Tim McGraw sang in his hit song: "another meal, from the sack/a $0.99 heart attack."

Since those days, we have gone through unrealistic booms in the stock market and later a bubble as e-commerce burgeoned and caved during the turn of the century. We've been through war, inflation, the housing bubble, oil spikes based on speculation (and hedgefund-like trading). On and on and on.

What I'm coming to is the point that prices for goods have been somewhat volatile during this time. The average price of eggs have more than doubled, for example. And where is that dollar menu? Well, actually, it's still there. Hey, that's a good deal! But we are living in an economic day and age where retail establishments can either sell items or try to make a profit. When it comes to the dollar menu, I see two potential business possibilities:

1) They are selling their products at an enormous loss and should reconsider their business models or come to grips with the reality that is bankruptcy.


2) The quality of their products has deteriorated proportionally to the inverse of the rate of economic inflation--meaning that the goods that we are now consuming have become adulterated, watered-down, and compromised in order for these establishments to present themselves as profitable.

Anyway, that's just something to consider.

Fast food = fast death (now made with recycled materials in order to reduce costs)

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