Feb 6, 2009

The first ♥beat of the new Nufer

So a few things have come to pass since the last blog post a few weeks ago.

We have a new American presidency (a new beginning, a new hope...the world will never be the same again...ever)

The Illinois governor was impeached not only by the house, but unanimously by the senate

Nautical messiah Michael Phelps was caught on camera with a bong

A lady IVF-ly gave birth to octuplets

Christian Bale went bazurk

The Superbowl was played, and presumably one of the teams won it

The iPhone still doesn't have flash

But the happiest news for us is that Livia and I had an appointment with the midwife. We got a lot of questions answers, and we were able to hear the heartbeat of the young 'un. At this point in the game, the baby is now long and slender, about the size of a large orange. It doesn't have such a big alien head in relation to the body. The baby should be now somewhat set with:

Vocal Chords

So now you can listen to the baby's little heart!
Just click Here

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