Feb 16, 2009

Primary kids do say the darnest things...

Okay, so after almost a year of playing the piano in the primary, I've been able to compile a growing list of "entertaining" moments that we've had. Kids always seem to have an answer to the question, regardless if they actually know the correct answer or not. Below are some of my more humorous notes that I have been keeping. The bold lines are questions or explanations from teachers. enjoy.

Catherine (music director): We want to sing so beautifully that it will make our moms cry

-we shouldn’t make our moms cry on Mother’s Day!

-my mom doesn’t cry like that

[referring to the song, “Daddy’s homecoming”, when it reads “pat his cheeks and give him what? A great, big kiss!”]

-Why would we do that to our dad when he’s tired?

Because aren’t you happy when he comes home?

-He’s always home and he never leaves his chair.

[older sister]-That’s ‘cuz he’s old!

Catherine: “Fill in the blank. Home is where there’s ______”

[from the junior primary] Stickers!!!!

“I have 10 dollars!”

“Well my brother has 50 dollars!”

“Well my brother has 100 dollars!!”

Brother Schultz: What’s the difference between a church and a temple?

-They’re different!

Brother Schultz: If the bishop were to marry you, how long would it last?

-5 years?

Well we’d hope it’s longer than that…

How many temples are there?

[insert a cacophony of voices all at once shouting random numbers]

Christina: Where do you like to go to find peace?

-the bathroom!

-a haunted house!

-a closet!

Does anyone remember ­­______ ?

-No, because I was busy in my head

How can we be with our families forever?

-by staying with them!

Sometimes the class that sings the best gets to dress up their teachers from the fun bag

-If we get married in the temple, then will our life be the same as our parents?

If you get married in the temple, then you can have whatever life you want.

…you’ll be able to go to the temple when you’re 12..

[interruption] Or, or…20?

How do you think temples are built?

-by Jesus?

If you pay your tithing, then you’ll get lots of blessings.

-but you don’t want too many blessings!

-sometimes blessings are bad, like if they come from the devil or something.

-Can we sing I Stand All Amazed because I memorized it?


-I can even sing The Spirit of God with my eyes closed!

Who’s someone who hasn’t said the prayer in a while?

[sadly] I’ve never said it! Well, I appear to have never said it…

Does anyone know what song that is?

Okay, I’m getting confused here…I Like to See the Temple??

“For the temple is: _____”

An AWESOME place to be!

Can you guys see the house?

-yea, and it looks like a haunted house!

For some reason, jr. primary always wants to do pushups for the

Do As I'm Doing action

I think you guys can handle it because you’re mature enough.

Mature enough?!

Now, can we sing this professionally?

[resonatingly from the jr. primary] NO!!!!

…Let’s do boys vs. girls!

-fine, I’m a boy now!

-What is senimary?

-How long are we going to stay here…no, no, in here…is it 3:56?

What things shouldn’t we do? (talking about keeping the Sabbath day holy)

-ran in church?

[talking about Called to Serve]:

-the thing about “onward” is that if you’re doin’ something bad, then you’ll keep doin’ bad…

Missionary: I’m from Salt Lake City

-I just knew it! I was able to tell!

How long do missionaries serve?

[raises hand] uh…. I dunno

-is there such thing as going on a mission to another planet and preaching to Martians?

Hitchhiking is when you’re stuck on the side of the road and you stick out your thumb and someone will pick you up. But it’s illegal. In fact, forget that I told you.

Who wants to pick the next rhythm?

-I was just raising my hand to let you know that my legs hurt.

[a boy says:] You’ve only been calling on girls, and I even tried my hardest!!

What do missionaries do?

-I was just going to tell you…what does this say?

[whisper from teacher] we’ll talk about that in class.

[lesson on being prepared]

What happens if you’re not prepared when you want to make a recipe, and you don’t have enough eggs?

You can ask you DOG…I mean, neighbor for some.

Why is it important to read the scriptures?

-‘cuz we could learn stuff from da book.

If someone asks you what did you learn in the scripture, and you don’t answer nothin’, then that’s not good ‘cuz you didn’t read da scriptures…

Are there any other times when we can pray?

-only when you eat!

-maybe if there is a quiz and you didn’t study…

[speaking of Called to Serve]

Can you guys guess where this song is sung with a lot of energy?


Does anyone know what missionary work is?

-I could tell you the answer, but that would be like me giving a 20 minute sentence.

What's something you can use your mind for?

-like if you lose your toy then you can use your mind to find it.

-If we pray and we have our eyes open, will heavenly father still answer our prayers?

-Even though Jesus died, does he still have ears?

Jesus came to earth for us. Who else chose to come to earth?
-Barack Obama?

-Mitt Romney?


God told Adam and eve not to eat of the fruit or they would die. Would you eat of the fruit, knowing that you would die?
-It's not scary if you die and go to a better place!

Bro. Atwood later said "At least no one had a camera". Well Bro. Atwood, cameras come in many shapes and sizes. There will always be a camera somewhere...

What are you going to be having?
-it's going to be a girl
Oh man, I wish it was going to be a boy!

Who knows who Heavenly Father is?
-is he the Holy Ghost?
-is he Jesus?
-is he us?

Who knows what happened to Noah?
-he got old!

What do you do during conference?
-get bored out of your mind!
Well that's your problem.

“I had a cat, but I shoot it and it dies. That’s my questions.”

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Angie said...

This list is hilarious! Kirk and I teach primary and we should really keep a list of funny things they say too. Classic.