Dec 28, 2009

Little Baby Girl: the first few days

Okay, so it's December now. We have been so bad about blogging, and extend our apologies to the couple of people who are regular followers. My intention is to get a few posts out with a pictorial documentation of our infantile journey of the last few months.

Unfortunately, Lily spent the first 10 days in the neonatal intensive care unit. That is definitely a rough way to start out life, as nurses are constantly poling feet, arms, and even scalps with needles, while machines continually beep as they monitor and report vital signs. Luckily I was just between semesters and Livia was of course on maternity leave, so our days consisted of waking up and eating a quick breakfast, packing a lunch and heading to the hospital, and then spending the day with little baby girl until 10-11pm. It was somewhat of a difficulty for us all, but we really enjoyed those first few days. Here is our highlight reel of our time in the nicu.

I don't know why she seems so concerned in this last picture. John Lennon says all we need is love, and by "love" I assume he means food. She's got plenty right there, so I don't know what the problem is!

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