Dec 28, 2009

Little Baby Girl: the summer months

August and September brought some pretty fun milestones. We actually saw the first smiles early on, such as the first smiles, lifting the head up during tummy time, crying throughout the entire night, sleeping all day long, recognizing contrasts and crude shapes, and so on. Those were the cute days, fo sho! She could do no wrong (and still can't really).

Lily began life at 7 lbs 2 ounces, but quickly lost about half a lb in weight (which is typical). Before she left the nicu she had regained all her original weight and has steadily put on lbs. She is now in the 75th percentile. The following pictures are posted in the order in which they were taken.

first bath

Two-and-a-half weeks

defying gravity (oops)

This is around the one month mark

The boxing gloves help her to not scratch her face

Practicing the tummy time

One of the first baths in the tub

These next pics were taken on the day of her baby blessing.

Here she is with grandma and grandpa

And her aunt Amanda

This one is perhaps our favorite thus far. Taken on a beautiful day at the Botanical Gardens. We were covering her head with a thin blanket to protect her from the sun. She ended up peeking out over my shoulder and Livia captured the moment.

At this point (almost 6 weeks), holding her head up became very natural, to the point that if she was on her tummy she wouldn't allow her head to rest, but would rather be looking all around at her surroundings. Perhaps planning, plotting.

And that wraps up the first couple of months with little baby girl. We were fortunate to spend all our time with her during that first little while, but eventually life started catching up to us and work, school, etc., began occupying more of our time. She really is a great baby. She has a wonderful personality and is extremely affectionate. She loves getting kisses all the time and rarely ceases to smile.

One of the things that we noticed during the first few days is how alert she is. Even within the first few hours of life she would turn her head toward our voices. When her vision started coming in, she would follow us as we would walk around. And now she searches for us if she can hear us even at the other end of the house. We definitely dream about life without baby Lily.

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